Franklin Mint Coppini Rose Ring 14K Emerald/Diamond NR

This is a beautiful Franklin Mint Rose Ring created by Coppini. It is 14K yellow gold and the rose is completely covered in gold with a full diamond in the center. T are 4 magnificent marquis cut emeralds for the leaves. It is a size 7 1/2. It is marked 14K FM 84, which is the year 1984 when it was offered. The measurements of the ring are 1"W x 3/4"L X 1 1/8"H from the shank. It has never been worn and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The retail value or list was 2,135.00. It comes in a green velvet ring box and that sits inside a white box. Because it has set so long in the white box t is a little indentation on the top of the green velvet box, just slight though. Just wanted to point that out if you were giving it as a gift, but for something that is 24 years old, the box is still in amazing shape. I took a picture for you to see, see picture 2. It is more like rumpling then an identation.