Franklin Mint Easy Rider Billy Bike,Dennis Hopper

The symbol of the freewheeling spirit of the Sixties.
The customized Harley-Davidson® Panhead ridden by Billy in the classic motion picture Easy Rider.™ The motorcycle that made freedom roar for an entire generation. And this precision-engineered 1:10 scale replica is the only model authorized by Harley-Davidson® based directly on the replica of the original. Assembled by hand to capture every astonishing feature. The fully detailed engine is accurate right down to each spark plug wire. The T-handlebars and sissy bar put you right on the rider's seat. And it's packed with true-to-life operating features such as kickstand, wheels that roll and brake and gear pedals that actually pivot! Painted by hand in the authentic colors, and yours complete with a scale size safari hat, just like the one worn by Billy.
It was a little movie that became a box-office success, and the roar of its Harley-Davidson® customized motorcycles became the sound-track for a generation. Easy Rider™ was issued in 1969 and became not only the ultimate motorcycle movie, but something more. With a simple story that pitted freedom versus conformity, likeable characters, hip music and fantastic bikes, it gained a huge following and set off the careers of many of its stars. A story of two friends on an odyssey from California to New Orleans, the film was
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