Franklin Mint Eye of the Dragon Pocket Watch with Stand by Michael Whelan

"The Eye Of The Golden Dragon"Franklin Mints Collectiable Unique & Very Detailed Pocket watch with stand, Fantasy Designer: Michael Whelan. The piece is highly detailed and very unique. The stand is metal so it does have some weight. The pocket watch sits very comfortable in the stand. The stand is approx 4 3/4" high. The watch is approx 2" in diamenter. The inside of the watch has a lifelike 3-D hologram of a dragon and the back of the watch features "Michael Whelan's" mark and the minted medal of Franklin Mint Collector Watches. The watch sits in the stand (or can be removed for use) in a spectacular Michael Whelan display allowing its gold-ringed dragons eye to be ever so vibrant. The watch chain is a very good made gold chain with hook, the chain can be removed from the watch. The piercing dragon eyeball on the front of the watch is awesome and very powerful and is surrounded by spectauclar fantasy sculpture! Dramatic 24 karat gold and sterling silver flourishes on the lid. Watch is precision quartz movement. This piece gives a stirring expression of power, mythology and mastery . "Michael Whelan's first collector watch sits in a magnificent sculputured dragon display...a golden monster that watches over your most precious commodity: time! Theres' nothing in your current collection that can match the unique drame of "The ... read more