Offered for restoration, a Franklin Mint " Fabrege Mystery Clock". This clock was bought in November 1989. $4134.00 was the delivered price. The clock stands 8 1/2" tall and 7 1/4" wide. The travel case measures 10" tall X 8"wide X 4" deep. Truly a stunning clock. 24K gold plated. Cultured pearls on the dial and case. The mystery part of the clock is the dial. The hands appear to be floating in air. The mechanism in the base drives 2 discs. One for the hour hand and one for the minute hand. The quartz "D" cell battery powered movement does not run. The quartz drive motor unit has a broken pivot and the coil is damaged. Hope someone can repair this wonderful clock. Shipping will run $20.00 within the US International shipping can also be easily arranged. I will include the brochure as well as all correspondence with the original owner and the Franklin Mint.