Franklin Mint GENIUS of MICHELANGELO Sterling Coin Set

So this friend of mine is “Spring Cleaning” his house when he discovers this treasure that his late Aunt left to him. At first glance he calls me knowing I am coin collector to see if I can identify this set. I looked through the documentation and discovered that this is a set from 1975 issued by the Franklin Mint. T are 60 Sterling Coins or Rounds depicting Michelangelo’s crowning art. It appears to have all documentation including the description cards for each. Also included is documentation from the Franklin Mint.Each sleeve is entitled as follows:

· Frescoes From The Sistine Chapel Ceiling - contains The Creation Of Adam, The Temptation, The Gathering of the Waters, Noah's Sacrifice, The Prophet Jonah, The Delphic Sibyl, The Universal Flood, Judith and Holofernes, The Death of Haman, and the Head of God

· Frescoes From The Sistine Chapel Ceiling - contains The Creation Of The Sun And The Moon, The Prophet Jeremiah, David And Goliath, The Creation of Eve, Ignudo, The Cumaean Sibyl, The Expulsion, The Prophet Isaiah, The Libyan Sibyl, The Forefathers of Christ

· The Last Judgment, Other Paintings And Drawings - contains Christ the Judge with Mary, Charon's Boat, The Doni Tondo, Tityus, The Resurrection, Angels Supporting The Cross, St. Bartholomew, Crucifixion of St. Peter, The Damned Man, The Fall of Phaetho
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