Franklin Mint George S. Patton .45 Revolver

The George S. Patton commemorative single action .45 Revolver.

"Blood and Guts" is what they called the man who was

perhaps the most flamboyant World War 2 general. One of

his most prized possessions was a single action colt .45

renowned as a true cowboy gun.

Re-created expressly for Franklin Mint is that very same

revolver, the one Patton first used as a young West Point

graduate along the Mexican border when he served under

General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing. It was that very same revolver

which is proudly held as head of the Third Army during the

Second World War.

The re-creation is a real beauty! A .45 calibre single action army

revolver with all the intricate engravings of the original,

faithfully recaptured. Each gun is hand-assembled and

hand-finished bearing Patton's monogram and the eagle on

the grips and each bears the serial number 332088. Exactly

the same as the original.

The revolver is displayed in its original

wooden frame.