Franklin Mint Limited Edition map 'Charta Caelestis'

You are bidding on a celestial map, 'Charta Caelestis' , International Astronomical Union, 1978 Celestial map, rectangular in shape, showing the constellations of the northern and southern hemisps, with Latin inscriptions and illustrations of antique astronomy instruments. The map is etched into silver plate, overpainted with gold and framed in wood. Production notes: The map was issued by the Franklin Mint (Exton, Pennsylvania) in 1978 with the approval of the International Astronomical Union. It was to commemorate 50th anniversary of the IAU fixing the identities and boundaries of the presently recognized 88 constellations in the sky. I've put up pictures of the blemishes that are on the frame, I had a difficult time photographing it because of the reflection off the plexiglass. I will say that other than the scratches on the frame and on the back, t are 2 superficial scratches on the plexiglass, minor as they are I thought you should know. The art work itself is flawless . Marks No makers' marks were visible. Production date 1978 My research revealed that t's one of these on display at a museum in Australia. 's the link to that museum /collection/database/?irn=99425 The information you see comes from that site. I have an Identical one. No Reserve Shipping I will ship to US destinations only, buyer pays for shipping but I will ... read more