Franklin Mint Miniature Pewter Set with Display Hutch

Franklin Mint Miniature Pewter Set with Display Hutch. Outstanding set includes: 13 Franklin Mint Colonial American Pewter Miniatures 1982 with certificate of authenticity; small brochures with information about each piece; also included, 1 little pewter tea set with tray and 4 pewter animals, 2 deer, cat and turtle. Hutch is 13 1/16" Tall, 7 5/16" wide and 3 5/16" from front to back. I am selling this as it was found. This was hung on wall but could sit on shelf as well. Everything is in great condition. List Miniaturew: Deep Dish by Oliver Trask, Pair of Candlesticks byHenry Hopper, Flagon by William Hill, Lighthouse Coffee Pot by Isreal Trask, Drum-Shaped Teapot by isreal Trask, Cream Pitcher attributed to William Hill,3 Pewter Measures by T.D. & S. boardman, Flat-Topped Tankard by Peter Young, Pint Mug by Jacob Whitmore, Suger Bowl byParks Boyd, Covered chalice by Johann Christoph Heyne, Dome-Topped Tankard by William Hill,Queen Anne Teapot by Cornelius Bradford.