Offered up for your consideration is this Very Fine Set of Sterling Silver Coins entitled, "The Official Coats Of Arms Of Canada" in Case or Holder complete with The Certificate of Authenticity issued by The Franklin Mint, Canada Ltd. 70 Galaxy Boulevard, Rexdale, Ontario, and by T. Arthur Taylor on or about December 6, 1977. This fine set of Medals include (1) Canada's Coat of Arms since November 21, 1921, (2) Alberta's Coat of Arms since May 30, 1907, (3) British Columbia's Coat of Arms since March 31, 1906, (4) Manitoba's Coat of Arms since May 10, 1905, (5) New Brunswick's Coat of Arms from 1784?, (6) Newfoundland's Coat of Arms since January 1, 1637, (7) The Northwest Territories Coat of Arms since 1956, (8) Nova Scotia's Coat of Arms since 1929, (9) Ontario's Coat of Arms since February 27, 1909, (10) Prince Edward Island's Coat of Arms since May 30, 1905, (11) Quebec's Coat of Arms since 1833, (12) Saskatchewan's Coat of Arms since August 25, 1906, and (13) Yukon Territory since February 1956. Each Medal is about 1 3/4 inches across and about 1/8 of an inch thick and I have not removed the medals from thier containers to weigh them. T is also a Pamphlet giving a brief description of each Medal and History. This Set is in neat Mint Condition with no damage that I can find. The Holder is about 14 inches by about 10 inches and ... read more