FRANKLIN MINT Thomason Medallic Bible 60 Bronze Medals

This is the Solid Bronze Thomason Medallic Bible minted by the Franklin Mint in 1970.

The original Thomason Medallic Bible was a set of sixty medals struck in 1830 that captured the essence of the entire Holy Bible in medallic art. The obverse designs were inspired by the works of well-known Renaissance artists and executed by several different engravers. The reverse of each medal contained a dense text quotation or explanation describing the topic of each medal. The 1830 set was produced in Birmingham, England by Sir Edward Thomason, who felt divinely inspired to promote the glory of God by impressing the Word of God upon gold, silver and other indestructible metals.

This is an interesting way to experience some of the great topics in the bible. The biblical subjects depicted on the medals include: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, Noah's Ark, the Tower of Babel, Abraham (art by Rembrandt), Moses (by Rafael), First Born Slain (by Michelangelo), David and Goliath, Solomon's Temple, Job (by DaVinci), The Last Supper, Crucifixion (by Rubens), and The Ascension.

CONDITION: In 1970, the Franklin Mint produced 3 different editions: a Proof-Quality Sterling Silver Edition, a Proof-Like Solid Bronze Edition and a regular Mint Solid Bronze Edition.

This version is the Proof-Like Solid Bronze Edition, featuring 60 different
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