Franklin Mint Treasury of Carousel Art Display Manns

This auction is a complete set of "The Treasury of Carousel Art", 12 figurines designed by William Manns including the display stand. The carousel stand is a beautiful round walnut stand that turns like a lazy-susan and measures approx. 16 1/2" in diameter and holds the 12 figurines -Giraffe, Golden Mane Horse, Elephant, Lion, Leopard Saddle Horse, Camel, Goat, Carousel Patriot Horse, American Beauty Horse, Tiger, Jumper Horse, and Armored Horse. All are packed in the original shipping and packing boxes except the elephant & tiger. All figurines have the COA's except the Carousel Patriot Horse. The Tiger, the Armored Horse and the Camel all move on their poles due to the little metal rings that hold them to the pole have separated, but this does not distract from their functionality and beauty. The weapon on the Armored Horse has its end broken off. So although not perfect this piece is still a lovely collectible and would be beautiful as a table centerpiece or just displayed in your home. Please ask questions more than 24 hours before the auction ends so t is adequate time to provide a comprehensive response. Auction facilitated by: Project12baskets helps organizations fund strategic projects by utilizing innovative techniques to optimize the process of converting leftover treasures into bountiful fundraising. To learn more ... read more