Franklin Mint Dragons - Dragon! Guardian of Fire -

Dragon! Guardian of Fire

Awesome sculpture. By award-winning fantasy artist Michael Whelan. Intricately hand-cast. Accented with a brilliant red-gold patina. Selectively accented with sterling silver and 24 karat gold. In his claw, his magical talisman. Rising from fiery flames of full-lead crystal.

This is Dragon! Guardian of Fire. Created by Michael Whelan. Meticulously sculptured in Tesori® porcelain, a sculptor's blend of powdered porcelain and resins, favored for its ability to hold the most subtle detail, the Dragon is lavished with a red-gold patina, and boldly adorned with 24 karat gold and genuine sterling silver. In his talons, his treasure, a dazzling crystal with an Aurora Borealis patina. And his cave of flames is made of full-lead crystal, embellished with fantastic holographic highlights. Issued in a Limited Edition that will close forever after 95 casting days. Certificate of authenticity included, I do not have the original packaging,this dragon has been packed away for a # of years and is in mint condition! Good luck and happy bidding!!!