Frankoma Bicentennial of Methodism in America Plate

For your consideration is an excellent 8 1/4 inch plate made by Frankoma Pottery. 1766-BICENTENNIAL OF METHODISM IN AMERICA-1966 circles the top half of the plate. FOUNDER OF METHODISM is in the center of the plate with a bust of John Wesley. T is a structure with FIRST METHODIST SERMON, EMBURY'S HOUSE, NEW YORK-1766 on the upper left of the plate. A man on a horse is at the bottom of the plate with THE CIRCUIT RIDER printed under it. T are busts of Phil Embury, Susanna Wesley, Francis Asbeery and C. Wesley. In the center of the back side of the plate is printed HONORING THE PIONEERS WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST AND THE ESTABLISHING OF METHODISM IN AMERICA...BISHOPS OF UNITING CONFERENCE: EDWIN HOLT HUGHES-M.E.C.; JAMES H. STRAUHN-M.P.C.; JOHN M. MOORE-M.E.C.S.; 1939; c. Frankoma Pottery 1966. The following names circle the back rim of the plate: Joshua Soule, George Whitefield, Robert Strawbridge, Thomas Coke, Capt. Thomas Webb, James Axley, Peter Cartwright, Wm. McKendree, Jason Lee, J.J. Methvin, Littleton Fowler, Wm. Capers. T are no chips or cracks. T are two holes for stringing cord for hanging the plate on the back. Please feel free to ask questions before bidding. Buyer will be emailed within 3 days. A reply is expected within 3 days after notification and payment is to be made within 10 days. ... read more