Fraternal Sword Cincinnati Regalia Co.

Fraternal Sword: Cincinnati Regalia Co. Unsure of age, only marking outside the name is a 76 stamped on the scabbard. The sword is stamped Germany, and has Cincinnati Regalia Co. Cinti, OH. etched on it, along with name Daniel Worth. The sword design is somwhat worn from the sword being put in and pulled out of the scabbard. The leather case is in poor condition, but the sword itelf seems to be fair.

If you have any desire for additional pictures or info, please let me know.


I have been asked by several people about international shipment, and unfortunately I will not be able to ship outside the US. According to the UPS rep I spoke with this sword would be treated as a weapon, as thus is banned.

I also just realized that I mispelled somewhat in the original description above, my apologies.