Freak Brothers Feds 'n' Heads Game 1971 Playboy RARE

Remember Candyland? Chutes & Ladders? The Game of Life? Well, this ain't them! This is Feds 'n' Heads by Gilbert Shelton, an original 1971 Playboy magazine insert featuring underground comic icons The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Includes fold-out game board (with classic "At Home with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" Shelton cover art, dated 5-71), instructions, and a full set of 21 red game cards ("Burns, Busts, Bummers, & Rip-Offs") and 21 green game cards ("Weird Trips"). You provide dice, tokens and fake or real money. The winner, according to the instructions, is the player who "manages to SCORE (collect) a KEY (one kilogram -- 35 ounces or "lids") of GRASS and get back HOME with it." Visit Dealer McDope, Norbert the Nark, Groover McTuber, and the High School Parking Lot, while trying not to go to Jail, get waylaid at the Free Clinic, lose your stash, or spend all your cash munching out at the delicatessen. Play it or frame it! A rare find!

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