Freak mule deer rack antlers sheds HUGE!!!

For bids is this basic 2x3 freak mule deer rack. This thing has 6" bases and holds good mass throughout. It's tallest side is 27 3/4" long. It's outside spread is at 19". For collectors of freak deer, this is a good one! There is no hair line cracks, or damage what-so-ever. It has a great deep brown color. This rack is mounted on a thick 1" 1/4" hardwood custom made base plate. I'm not sure what the wood is, but It could be fine grade Maple or Boxelder in a dark stain. This would be best on a shoulder mount, to show off it's freakish nature. You won't be disappointed!

>>>---------> Wanted to add: This antler set is attached by the original skull plate and is rock solid.

>>>---------> Two more pics added on request.