Fred Flintstones Royal Water Buffalo Grand Pubaa Hat

Have you ever seen a hat like this hat before?? Me Neither! Not until I met my "Life Of The Party" fiance'! Isn't it just the coolest ?! T's no need for me to tell you it's rare. The hat is in likeness of Fred Flintstone's "Royal Water Buffalo Grand Pubaa" hat, on the Flintstones cartoon. That cartoon is no longer in production, (for those of you that are younger than myself), but it was a definate hit! The cartoon was on television when I was growing up in the early '70's. Which makes this hat twice a collectable item. This replica of Fred's hat is also a riot when worn to parties ! That's how I was introduced to it, my fiance' wore it at a party. That is definately one of the reasons I fell in "LOVE" with my future husband, he is so much fun ! The hat has been used a few times, the ouside of it is in great condition, but the lining of it has been repaired, t were 2 small tears in it. It is 7" from end to end at the rim, but can be streached out alittle. It measures 18" across from tip of horn to tip of horn. The top of this "Grand Pubaa Hat" measures 10". The blue material is fuzzy, while the yellow material is smooth . GRAB THIS PRICELESS COMMODITY WHILE YOU CAN !! HEY, maybe you too will find your soul mate! "NO Promises"! Amuse your friends and family! GOOD LUCK !! Delivery chosen is US Postal Service Parcel Postal, estimated

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