Freddy Krueger Stunt Mask 5 Scary Nightmare

Scary Nightmare Freddy Stunt Mask Reproduction # 5

Reproduction Stunt Mask 5

created by:

David Miller Creations

Please Note: These masks are made by a private artist and are not in any way associated or affiliated with New Line Cinema, Time Warner Communications, or Paramount Pictures. When purchasing this mask you agree that this mask will be for private use and display only. It is not to be used in any film , television, or stage production in any way.

Attention: This is not an auction. This is a "Buy It Now" sale only.

High Quality:

These high quality masks are made from quality latex rubber and are meticulously painted by professionals to give you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price for a custom made collectible.


They are completely wearable, so these masks make a great addition to your horror movie collection, haunted house projects, or Halloween parties.


As an added bonus, each mask comes with it's own unique Certificate of Authenticity from David Miller Creations and they are signed personally by David Miller (Freddy Krueger's original makeup creator)!

Limited run:

As these masks are custom made and not mass produced at a factory, they are not going to be available forever. Get your mask as
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