FREE SHIP Crossbows and Catapults BATTLEGROUND War Chest Tower Attack Twin Set

This sale is for a huge lot of Crossbows and Catapults Battleground (Knights and Orcs) sets. In picture # 1 you see everything that you will receive all together. Picture # 2 is a close up of just the game pieces (no boxes). Pictures 3, 4 and 5 are how the stuff in picture #2 breaks down into sets. Picture #3 is a picture of the parts to the War Chest Starter Set. 1 Orc flags and 1 Knight flags are missing from this set, 2 of the Bonus life disks and rulebook are also missing. #4 shows the Tower Attack which is complete. #5 shows the extras which include most of another two (yes two!) tower attack sets, a trebouchet and Mortar Twin Attack set.
2 castles
8 catapults
2 crossbows
2 cannons
37 knights and orcs
2 heroes
52 bricks
8 flags
25 attack discs
2 bonus life disks
4 rule books
A few extra elastics (I have taken the elastics off of all the weapons for shipping there's 2 or 3 more than you need)
5 Towers with cages
1 Tower without cage
1 Orc Mortar
1 Knight Trebouchet
1 Tower Attack rulebook
1 Trebouchet/Mortar direction sheet
1 War Chest package/box-beat up with torn sides, bottom
1 Tower Attack box dented and scuffed, but not too bad