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A famous banker once said "Gold is money everything else is credit" -- this holds true today more than ever before due to the mountains of debt countries around the world have. Get out of the credit and debt circle and hold real money.

From a recent Bloomberg article quoting Alan Greenspan (previous Federal Reserve Chairman) ;

Rising prices of precious metals and other commodities are “an indication of a very early stage of an endeavor to move away from paper currencies,” he said.

A call to action if there ever was one!

Our money used to be backed by gold. Now it is not. Our money used to be made from silver. Now it is not. They don’t even use

Copper anymore either!!! Don’t be left holding the paper bag!! Diversify your paper investments into something of substance.

There may never be a more important time to buy bullion than now. Do yourself, family and friends a favor and obtain the intrinsic safety of bullion. Protect yourself.

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