FREE SHIP Rail Box Railroad 50' single door box car Athearn Kit 5521

Athearn / Blue Box Kit - Stock number: 5521 - HO Scale - Brand new, old store stock - Sold as is - Sold out

Railbox ( The nationwide box car pool ) - 50' single door railroad box car - Car number: 10001

Shipping and handling will be FREE in United States. Regardless of which state the winner is located in.

Canadian shipping and handling, the same for all foreign countries will be at United States Priority mail rates ONLY . That means around $25.00 No exceptions. Please do not ask for USPS first class. Assume 1 pounds for shipping weight. Please do not ask for shipping quote. Go to the USPS web site, use Priority Mail, 1 pounds and 11735 the shipping zip code. That will be the shipping price rounded up. No cents.

New York sales will pay sales tax. Thank you.

Multipule auction wins will be combined to save on shipping, BUT the added weight does add something to the cost of shipping and handling.

Note: Paying with Paypal, does not mean shipping is instantaneously. Shipping is the next Saturday after the auctions ends if payment is received by Thursday night. I have other businesses to run, in this day and age, I wish I only had the hobby shop and as such can not get the item out any sooner. Again if this is a problem for you, please do not bid.