FREEMASON MASONIC Double-Headed Eagle Gold Ring 14K

Up for auction is a vintage and most noble Masonic GOLD Ring (14K) with a DIAMOND (0.4ct).

This ring was held by a free mason of the Scottish Rite.

The accepted symbol of the Scottish Rite is the Double-Headed Eagle. This symbol dates to the splitting of the Roman Empire and the establishment of the Eastern (Byzantine) and Western (Roman) halves. The symbol was then used by the German Emperors to represent their reign.

The double-headed eagle was probably first accepted as a symbol of Freemasonry in 1758. In that year the body calling itself the Council of Emperors of the East and West, was established in Paris. The double-headed eagle was in all probability adopted by this body, which claimed a double jurisdiction. The eagle, one head inclined to the East and the other to the West, to guard any and all who might approach from either direction.

Enamel on each side show the number 32, representing the 32 degrees of the order, and the Triangular Icon. T is some enamel loss on this vintage item.

The ring is stamped inside 14 K(T), so it is made of massive GOLD, and it weighs approximately 16 gramms. The size is 20 mm, so it is rather a men´s ring.

Additionally to most of the other rings offered this ring has a diamond with brilliant cut in his center. The weight of this diamond
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