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Up for auction two rarevolumes together (actually pt 1 and 2) The Hidden Life in Freemasonry andGlimpses of Masonic History by the Theosophist and Co-Mason Charles Leadbeater. Both first editions.


The Hidden Life in Freemasonry THEOSOPHICAL PUBLISHING HOUSE, 1926. Cloth. 337 pages with tissue guarded illustrated plates and index. Book Condition: Good/worn. Light blue cloth board, worn , loose tissue guarded plates in place(man with chakras photo), and geometric color shapes photo, w/gilded titling on cover and two egyptian figures on cover. Includes several b/w plates and a color frontispeice. Edges of spine are slightly worn. Books sold as is. Written for the handful of Masons who seek to understand the true occult-theosophical workings of Freemasonry. Contents: History of Masonry; The Lodge; The Fittings of the Lodge; Preliminary Ceremonies; The Opening of the Lodge; Initiation; The Second Degree; The Third Degree; The Higher Degrees; Two Wonderful Rituals; Closing the Lodge. Leadbeater reveals how the Masonic ritual is a scientific way of energizing the Masonic lodge and its faithful members so as to bring about an attunement with the Great White Lodge. Glimpses of Masonic History is part two of the "Hidden Life in Freemasonry.


Glimpses of Masonic History

The Theosophical
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