FRENCH ANTIQUE SILVER candle holder lamp UNIQUE shabby

I HAVE TRIED TO RESEARCH THIS ITEM EXTENSIVELY AND CANNOT SEEM TO FIND ANYTHING NEAR SIMILAR!! For sale are 2 gorgeous French silver-plated candle lamps. They are in excellent condition, just in need of a good clean and polish job. The normal wear on them is evident and it is quite obvious that they are quite aged. They are a very unique style ... the trunk of the holders are both spring loaded to expel a candle slowly as it burns. The springs show signs of age as well, a bit of rust, but are still functional. The base below the spring loaded tube also detaches. The lampshades that sit on top are punched in ornate detail with small crowns and hearts. Through research, I did learn that this type of mechanism was used in earlier times to provide safety and control as candles were the main or only light source. These candle lamps were used on tables as we use a lamp today. The holes were punched into the shades to allow more light filtration into a room. I am not sure of the age on these, but as you can see by the pics they are quite obviously aged. These items posess a whimsical enchantment and would most definitely enhance any collection. If you have any questions feel free to ask! (Insurance is not required, but is recommended for this item)

I am a single mother and full time college student looking to supplement my income
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