French Artist Eutrope Bouret (1833-1906) "Le travail" 17" Bronze Figure Statue

Welcome. For your consideration is a bronze statue signed on the base, Bouret. It is by well-listed French sculptor Eutrope Bouret (1833-1906). It is titled in French "Le Travail", translating that into English, I believe it is something to the effect of "The worker". The statue is 17" in height, the base of the statue is 5 1/2" wide and the depth of the base is 5". The statue weighs 16 lbs. This signed bronze sculpture is in excellent antique condition with no chips or damage. It has wonderful detail and very nice patina! It depicts a strong blacksmith standing with his sledge hammer and anvil. Similar sized 17" renditions of Eutrope Bouret's "Le travail" have sold for over $2000. This is a fine example of the artist's work. As for the artist, Eutrope Bouret (1833-1906) was born April 16, 1833, in Paris, France. He was a student of sculptor, Louis Buhot. Eutrope Bouret was known to have sculpted with conventional materials like bronze, marble, terra cotta and plaster. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1875 to 1903. Eutrope Bouret died in France in 1906.

As a bonus to the winning bidder, this antique bronze sculpture will be delivered with free shipping and handling within the continental USA.

Please as I describe the bronze sculpture's condition accurately. Try to judge for yourself from all the detailed images provided.
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