Welcome! I have been busy finding the best items you can find and scouring the big antique shows and getting first pick for all the best items. I will pay more for items from dealers prior to them setting up at antique shows, estate sales, auctions. I buy only the best and have an eye for superb style and quality. I have pickers who come to me from all over the country with fresh to the market antiques, decorative arts, and everything in between. I am sure you all would agree that good quality pieces are becoming increasingly difficult to find on ebay let alone the shows, estate sales, auctions, etc. I work very hard to find these items and this is what separates me apart from the rest. You will not find the items I offer again and you can trust my discerning eye to find superb quality.

Please take into full consideration that our starting price in NO way reflects what we have into the items listed. We trust in the ebay system and believe the market will find the right prices for the pieces. We go to great lengths to bring the finest quality on ebay with NO reserves. Many people are astounded at the quality we consistently offer and are repeat buyers. Often times we put collections together just so that you will have a choice within that category.. Often times you will search ebay for quality antiques and t will be few if
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