French Foreign Legion Indochina /53 Lizard Camo Jacket

Elite French Foreign Legion Paratroopers in Indochina came from the defeated axis powers, the victorious allies, and many were Eastern Europeans fleeing communism. They fought for each other and for the Legion in the forlorn, romantic that was French adventurism in Indochina. These reckless soldiers of fortune wore the distinctive French 47/53 lizard pattern camo jump smocks, which came to symbolize the hard bitten Legionnaire of the Indochina War. Original French 47/53 Lizard Camo jackets are extremely rare today, as a result, WHAT PRICE GLORY, the incomparable California manufacturer of quality military reproductions, intoduced a faithful rendition of this timeless classic. This French Foreign Legion Indochina Vietnam Repro 47/53 Lizard Camo Jump Smock Jacket is in mint, never worn condition, with a bright, distinct lizard camouflage pattern. The menacing elegance of the lizard pattern camo nearly bursts through the camera lens. It features large triple snap closure chest and lower pockets, strap and buckle closure cuffs, "beaver's tail", and a vertical zipper on the left chest pocket. It is a size Small/Medium, but is a roomy, oversize cut, measuring 26" from underarm to underarm. A fine representation of the Old Legion in "Indochine Francais". Now celebrating over 10 years on eBay. and please view our other great military
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