French Guards Foot Artillery,Set-1.54mm,tin,soldier.

Subaltern Officer with Eagle Bearer,Drum-Major� Pontoneers of French Guards Foot Artillery.54mm, st.Petersburg Collection
This set contains 2 soldiers.For additional photo please visit /. It is made of white metal of manual colouring and created by professional artists (big experts on a uniform of a Napoleonic epoch) from st.Petersburg (Russia).

Regiment of French Guard Foot Artillery in 1810-1811 consisted from 6 company of Artillery and one company of pontooneers. Pontooneer’s and artillerymen uniform was the same, but pontooneer’s uniform had scarlet lapels.

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We are glad to offer you a wide spectrum of historical miniature in the scale of 54 mm which is painted by professional artists from St.Petersburg (Russia). Our figures are high-quality with filigree work of all details of uniform with exact transfer of colour gamma of tunic and it’s refinement.

Our figures have 100% authentic to photographs that are brought on auction eBay.

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