French Louis XVI Chairs, Settee, Set, 19C, TO RESTORE

In need of restoration.
Antique French salon set was made in the 19th Century about 130 to 150 yrs ago. This is the real thing, a Grande Dame. It's not a modern reproduction. The frames are gesso (plaster over carved wood) that was gilded. The tatters of it's original scarlet red silk still cling to it. It is a product of the Gilded Age and was dazzling when new.
There is a settee, a fauteuil (armchair) and 2 armless chairs. 4 pieces all together.
Plus, it is stuffed with its original horse hair (an upholsterer can have it cleaned and reused if you want to restore this authentically). I have all of the old springs. A few small pieces have fallen off -- I have nearly all of them.
Yes, it looks awful. But it is in better shape than it looks. It is totally restorable. It can be dazzling again. If you repair furniture as a hobby, this can be a fantastic project for yourself. Or, if you prefer, turn it over to a restoration company to do the work for you. It's worth the investment...look at the sky high prices of French furniture - both antique and reproductions - on eBay and in antique shops.
This was made in France (not the USA) in the mid 19th Century. It came into my family in 1960. It was purchased in New Orleans.
I live in Atlanta. Buyer can pick it up in Atlanta or arrange shipping. I have to leave
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