A very fine, original French Model 1949 Khaki Bush Hat... the characteristic Australian Slouch Hat inspired head wear, officially termed Chapeau de Brousse Modèle 1949. This is a rigid, light khaki woven variation manufactured by the firm of Scecam Bernay on August 12, 1958. Hat still retains its quartermaster service paper tag denoting a European Head Size 60 ( US equivalent of a Size Large or 7 3/8 ). French military history documents these particular bush hat patterns quite well... in the First Indochina War, for instance, at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and later, during the 1954 - 1962 conflict in Algeria. A well marked, well dated example complete with its adjustable chin strap. Interesting piece, truly representative of the earlier conflicts of the Vietnam War. An unissued example in virtually Mint condition! PLEASE READ: I am equally a collector! Tfore, you need not worry about a few valuable details... all collectibles are proposed as found, uncleaned, unaltered, unretouched and unrestored. Photographic images of the actual collectibles are provided in all my listings, please do view them carefully. Questions, gladly answered, always! Parcels are despatched via Air Mail or Expedited Service to the United States. Please be advised that parcels originating from Canada may take up to 15 business days to reach you! International ... read more