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Circa: 1880

Dimensions: 55" wide x 22" deep x 99" high

Stock Number: HS43-135

Approximate Weight: 175 lbs.

This Buffet was made in France circa 1880. We purchased it in Paris, France.

The Buffet is made of Oak. It has a Golden Medium Oak Patina. It is an unusual Buttery Tone of Oak which is quite lovely.

This is a French Renaissance Buffet. It is in very good condition.

The Buffet has a lushly carved, High Central Crest. It is embellished by a pierced and carved Rococo Shell Cartouche flanked by Scroll Work. The Raised Central Portion of the Buffet and the Lower Sides have a Deep Multi-tiered Moulding. At the center is a striking Carved Frieze with a Shield at the center flanked by Scroll Work Carving. Just below it is a gorgeous, large Rococo Shell Carving which spans the width of the entire center of the Buffet. Large Acanthus Leaf Scrolls are carved at each side.

The Sides also have a carved Gallery. It is embellished with a Geometric Band of Triangular Rosettes.

The Gallery of the Buffet has intricately designed Faux Double Doors. They are profusely carved, and appear to be Two Arching Central Mirrored

These Doors are quite unusual. The carving creates an Arched Central Panel with a Window Pane Pattern of Moulding framing the Deeply Beveled Mirrors. The Outer Panels are incredibly lovely. They are carved in high relief with a Cornucopia of Fruit suspended upon a Ribbon embellished by carved Foliage.

T are Large Turned Columns on the outer edge of the Doors. Matching Pilasters are carved between the Panels of each Door.

Quite Large, Vase Shaped, Fluted, Turned Columns support the Gallery of the Buffet. The Back of the Gallery has a Spindle Plate Rail. It is framed by lush Moulding.

The base of the Sideboard has Two Long Shelves over Two Large Doors. The Drawers are embellished with a Fine Gadroon Carving. They open to reveal roomy interiors for storing your fine Silver Settings.

The Large Doors are spectacular! They are carved in Deep Relief with a Large Shield at the center surrounded by opulently carved Roundels and Raised Foliage Carving. The Doors are luxuriously Moulded.

They open to reveal a huge interior with a Long Shelf flowing across the interior. Large Fluted Columns frame them on the outside.

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