Beautiful French Odo Wall Clock

This fine example of an ODO French wall clock is in nearly as-new condition and is a tribute to the skill and clock making experience of the Odobez family, which was based near Morbier in Franche Comté, not far from the Swiss border, from 1708 onwards.

The ODO company in its modern form was founded in 1920 by two Odobez brothers and has been producing chiming wall clocks ever since, becoming, in the process, one of the most famous French clock making companies.

The clock strikes the hour and once on the half hour and is designed to run for 8 days on a single winding. If the chiming train is left unwound, it will, of course, run perfectly well without chiming if desired. The original key and pendulum will be sold with the clock.

The case is polished light oak and virtually umarked, very much as it would have left the factory. The mechanism is in first class working order and keeps good time.

The size is :- 53cms tall x 41cms wide x 16cms deep

This is your chance to acquire something that is decorative, useful and a part of clock making history.

As the clock case incorporates large pieces of fragile glass, this item is for sale for collection only.