Just look at how beautiful these are!

And they are MONUMENTAL!

He is 19" tall and she is 18" tall!

They're French, made in the late Nineteenth Century. T are no marks , except for impressed run and mold numbers, 2855/18 on him and 2858/18 on her.

They are not perfect. She has an old repair to her wrist and skirt drapery, and a few tiny nibbles off the flower tips. His mandolin has been repaired, as have his hand and arm. And a few flowers on the base of his figures have flaked away.

As you can see, these do not affect the powerful presentation this pair makes.

I hope you can see how exceptionally beautiful their faces and figures are! Too often, the faces are just not all that one would wish for in an expensive figure. In such cases, t he artist seems to have spent so much time decorating the attire that the shaping and coloring of the face do not live up to the rest.

But , everything is gorgeous!

From his elaborate tricorn hat, to his delicately modeled hands, to the bows on his shoes, he is the perfect French courtier.

And from her beribboned, upswept hairdo, to her modest decolletage, to her high-arched dancing slippers, she is the perfect Directoire mademoiselle.

This pair may be court musicians-- entertainers, perhaps, at a small levee,
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