French Rooster 20 Gold Franc 1902 A GEM B.U. LUSTROUS COIN--A PRE WW-I NEAR MELT

...BLAZER GEM BU French 20 Gold Franc 1902 [One best small GOLD coins] OLD PRE World War-I NEAR MELT ----- .1867 ounces of pure .999 gold in this old gold [NICKEL SIZE] coin. As fiat money self-destructs will it be as in the past that such coins will be the vehicle that allows their holders immediate access to future exchange [see page 241 of my book]. Those who have them will live well and safe? ISSUED RIGHT BEFORE WORLD WAR I--SOON THESE VERY COINS SAVED LIVES. One of the best small gold coins on market!

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" Fiat Paper Money--The History and Evolution of Our Currency © is one of the most important books of this century."

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