French Schoolgirl; Sapphire Jade Emerald Earrings

Hello, and thanks for looking...

I've been making and selling jewelry for some years now in and around Beverly Hills, in some of the highest end boutiques (Trigere, Lynn Donneger,Jennifer Kaufmann), and to private clients. I'm offering earrings at wholesale prices.

You will notice that most of my earrings are "asymmetrical". This is when each earring is different than the other but they still make a pair.

These are an asymmetrical pair. The one earring has on top a a (very) vintage bow. It is made PERHAPS of Bakelite. I know it is quite old. The center briolette is a pink Sapphire. The hanging crystals are chartreuse on the sides and pink at the bottoms.

The other earring has a beautiful butter color (natural) Jade bead. Under is a rectangular bead handpainted with gold arabesques, on Mother of Pearl. The bottom briolette is an Emerald.

These earrings measure to app. 3 1/4" long. The wire, metal beads and chains are Sterling Silver.

Thanks for looking. Please check out my other earrings, as they are all quite different.