French Statue Anatole J. Guillot Nude Man w/ Eagle

French Statue Anatole J. Guillot Nude Man w/ Eagle andale andalegallery.

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This auction is for: Large Statue of a Man wrestling Eagle trying to protect her chicks.

Anatole GUILLOT (1865-1911) -- Listed french artist -- bronze sculptures have been sold in many major auction houses across the world by this artist.

This statue came from a family in Milwaukee that has owned it for over 60 years. The family bought this statue out of a mansion that was on Lake Michigan some 60 years ago.

This statue is made of Aluminum. I have done some research and have found some very early statues were made out of Aluminum. You can read about this if you visit the sites I have posted about the history of Aluminum. In the early days it was mainly used for decoritive objects and was an expensive metal - than sometime around 1886 with a discovery the price of aluminum dropped drastically. Click to read /~jcalvert/phys/alumin.htm or click this link /itselemental/ele013.html

This statue is a little over 30" tall. Some of the patina is rubbed off like on his arms and legs but no major damage.

Measures - 30" tall - base is approx. 12" x 13"
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