French twin telescope binoculars and case - late 1800’s

French twin telescope binoculars and case - late 1800’s

These twin telescope binoculars are in excellent original condition. Although there is some rubbing to the high parts much of the original shiny black enamel is in very good condition. The leather covering has no marks or tears and has a lovely patina. The adjustment wheels are smooth and the hoods pull in/out firmly and smoothly. All 10 lenses are clean and clear. Collimation is slightly out.

The only maker’s identification marks are tiny stars stamped on the ocular and objective tubes and the internal lens carriers. These marks are similar to those of a French maker Carpentier who worked in Paris. Confirmation of French manufacture can be found by the marking BTE S.G.D.G. stamped on part of the adjustment mechanism.

The binoculars measure 348mm when fully extended with the hoods out, and 236mm when fully closed. The inter-ocular distance is adjustable from 60mm to 72mm.

The binoculars come with their original fitted case. The black leather is in good condition although the surface is rather hard. The straps look as though they have been replaced at some time as they are in very good condition. The loops look as though they might have been glued so care should be taken.

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