Friends of NRA Paratrooper Sculpture

This is still in the box, "The Paratrooper", Friend Of NRA [National Rifle Association] 2006 Sponsor, #21374, 101 st division. Fifth and final sculpture in the friends of NRA series, honoring the pioneers of American history and their firearms. "The paratrooper" depicts a heroic airborne soldier from World War II. Renowned artist, Rick Terry. This sculpture serves as a reminder of all the sacrifices made by all armed forces on behalf of freedom. The label on the bottom tells about what each patch and emblem represents. On the rifle he is holding, the shoulder straps actually moves. The base is wood, the statue is bronze and it has a gold metal piece on the front. The statue is quite extraordinary. You will love it. It comes in it's original black box. It comes packed in a styrofoam carton that is formed to the statue. The only time it was removed from the box, was when I took pictures of it and then I put it right back into the protective packing. I also have the Patriot & Trail Blazer sculptures. If you are interested contact me.