Friesian Sjees book carriage for horse "De Friese Sjees" NEW
Up for auction/ sale is a beautiful book named "De Friese Sjees". It is a book featuring carriages for the Friesian horse. The name for this special traditional carriage is "Sjees". In this book is a register of all the tradiitonal "Sjezen" (Sjezen is plural for Sjees) built, and it also discusses the traditional costumes and accessories worn with it. Most of the book is in Dutch, with gorgeous pictures. Some parts are also in english. The book consists of 255 pages of history and designs for the traditional Dutch carts called "sjees". This wonderful book is a must-have for every Friesian horse owner. This book is out of print! Get it while you can... The book cost me about $140.00 when it was still available. It is brandnew.
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