I.P. FRINK" small oil lamp; also embossed "1887, NEW YORK"; very nice piece

The embossing on this small oil lamp is extremely well done. Its large and prominent signage reads "IP FRINK" then "NEW YORK" and then "1887," all around the circumference of the glass. The lettering is very close to half an inch in height, all in caps. The lamp is approximately 5 1/2 inches tall and about 14 1/2 inches in circumference. There is a double band molded into the glass both above and below the printing. The burner is clearly stamped EAGLE, but the wheel wick writing is partially obliterated. All we are able to make out on it is "ORY" or "URY," then "CONN;" then in a different section, "FG" and "CO." We assume the latter is manufacturing, then company. One section of the lip of the burner was dented at some time during its 137-year-old history, leaving one section looking a bit like a mini roller coaster -- but neither a steep one nor a long one. You should be able to see this in one of the photos. There is a seam running up both sides of the glass, which continues all the way across to the neck and then on under the metal burner.
The glass oil holder was substantially made and has no sign of damage, with a 16-point starburst design on the bottom. The burner is somewhat crooked as I mentioned above. It sits firmly and does not wriggle, and the four metal spikes
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