Front-Line Leather IWB Glock 26/27/28 Holster LEFT HAND

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ISRAELI MILITARY Front-Line LEFT HANDED IWB inside the waistband SUPER FAST DRAW Concealment Leather Holster - For Glock 26/27/28

please see VIDEO DEMO & 8 detailed photos

The OFFICIAL Service model for the Israeli Army – GUARENTEED!

SUPER FAST DRAW– Probably the fastest drawing holster in the world today! Due to it's inner material (Teflon, more details beneath)

HAND MADE with the Strongest & most durable materials - FULL GRAIN LEATHER & PRYM BRASS - VERY DETAILED PHOTOS BENEATH

Ultra light weight for leather – 0.22 lbs

Made in Israel - under contract by FRONT-LINE HOLSTERS - certified Israeli MIlitary Manufacturer (details beneath)


Please also see 8 detailed photos beneath description- demonstrated on BROWN leather version


IWB leather inside the waistband SUPER Fast Draw Concealment Holster - which attaches to the user's belt with a spring brass clip. The holster has an Alpha lining Teflon ® material) that enables
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