Front Seat Thrills 2: Roller Coaster DVD

This is our newest release of original roller coaster documentaries. In this program, you will get to ride in the front seat on 35 roller coasters. Featuring front seat, unobstructed, uninterrupted, full circuit POV rides on some of the most AMAZING roller coasters in the world.

Ride front seat on coasters like Talon, Goliath, Dueling Dragons, Moonsault Scramble, Stunt Fall, Wild Wild West, Magnum XL 200, Superman Untimate Flight, and the list goes on and on! T is even some bonus footage from Hercules at Dorney Park that will allow you to take a final ride on this extinct coaster! From the USA,Germany, and all over the world, buckle in for a full circuit POV ride on wooden, steel, launched, inverted and any other type of coaster out t that we could find.

FRONT SEAT THRILLS Volume 2 is a program for the coaster enthusiast that likes nothing but FULL POV shots on coasters! No annoying narration or distracting visuals. No fluff, no frills.... just FRONT SEAT THRILLS!

Full POV Ride Coaster List:
Talon, Dorney Park
Hercules, Dorney Park
Steel Force, Dorney Park
Thunderhawk, Dorney Park
Lazer, Dorney Park

Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America
Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great America
Iron Wolf, Six Flags Great America
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