Fry Art Co OILS BRUSHES for CHINA DECOR Billhead 1903

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We are pleased to present: Billheads, Letterheads, and Ephemera The Fry Art Company, Dr. Trade- Fry's Vitrifiable Colors in Powder, Pure Roman Gold, Oils, Brushes, Lustres, Covered Palettes and all materials for china decoration Logo- Steel plate engraving of an ink bottle Litho/Print Company-None stated Date-Jan 07 1903 City- New York 36 West, 24th Street Purchaser's Name-Vaughan & Burnett of Brattleboro ,VT Contents-invoice and billhead Merchandise Purchased- 3 oval Porcelain medallions Msrs- 5 1/8" x 8½" Condition-flat, clean, crisp, small corner off pper left, small yellow spot lower left corner. Condition Notes: Billheads typically have creases to fit envelope, holes or wear in the upper left corner, clerk marks, rubber stamp ink and light general wear from handling. Anything over and beyond normal condition will be noted. Many billheads that we have in our collection were from estate sales of paper collectors who often bought from local antique dealers. Penciled Prices in the upper corners on either the front or back are common. Some dealer marks were erased by private collectors after purchase. We do our best to describe every item's condition the way it came to us and we never alter any item we are selling. Check out my other billheads and be sure to add me to your favorites list
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