Beautiful Fulgoroid Nymph + Fungus Gnat in Authentic Dominican Amber

This polished piece of all-natural authentic Dominican amber from the mines in the Dominican Republic contains a beautifully preserved fulgoroid nymph and a fungus gnat.

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Dominican fossil amber is known for the clarity of its inclusions including such things as insects, arachnids, and botanicals.

All amber I offer is authentic, non-treated material. Many of these specimens have been hand-sanded and polished by me. They have not been reconstituted nor are they plastic.

This amber is much more rare than the ever prevalent Baltic amber which originates from several countries and across two continents (Europe and Asia).

Dominican amber comes from one island source: the Dominican Republic which shares the island with Haiti and the supply is much smaller than that of Baltic amber which has been mined for centuries and now is mass mined as opposed to Dominican material which has been mined for only decades with picks and hammers by candlelight.

The piece itself weighs 3.5 grams and has approximate dimensions of 4.3 cm length, 1.4 cm width, and 0.7 cm height . NOTE: 2.5 cm is approximately 1 inch. I hand-sand and fully polish the majority of amber pieces I offer, this piece from rough originating
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