Full 88-card Garbage Pail Kids Series 11 variation set in plastic sleeves!! 1987

Full 88-card complete variation set from GPK OS11 + an original wax pack wrapper! All cards are wrapped in soft plastic sleeves - set includes all 84 base cards + the 4 variation cards: -- Rudy Canal / Dental Hy Gene(These error variations have the "green bar" printed under the nameplate) -- VomiTed / Juicy Jules (These error variations have the "double line" and "single line" in the word "Kids" in the GPK banner) Cards # 418-459, both A & B...all checklists are unmarked, no writing at all on any cards. See pics of typical condition to judge for yourself - I am not a card grader, but I don't think any of these cards are gem mint. Some cards may have wax or gum residue, soft corners, or other similar flaws. Some cards are NRMT and some are VG/EX, but overall it is a decent set. Ships immediately, double-boxed...combined shipping available...check out my other GPK stuff!