Full Body Baby Boy/ Silicone Mix/ Soft Body

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Introducing Baby Xavier! He is a realistic baby boy made just for his new mommy after adoption. Using a newly perfected technique his mouth can be opened and backed with fabric to allow mommy to give him a Preemie Bottle or Paci Nipple!!! No Magnets Needed! Just Gently squeeze his baby cheeks and the paci will pop right into his mouth! (Please add a message requesting his mouth to be opened when checking out with your new baby.)
This is a listing for a Custom created baby and he will arrive home to you as soon as 3 to days depending on my order schedule at the time of your adoption of your baby. Your baby could take a bit longer if there are orders in line ahead of your baby. Feel free to message for a date for your baby at the time of your order! This kit is very LIMITED It took me forever to find a few of him!! Please place Holiday orders early. The earlier you place your order, The earlier he will ship! I take payments, Message me!

I use only 100% Pure Premium Quality extremely Soft Mohair that has been micro rooted and triple sealed from the inside with waterproof glue for easy damp styling. Xavier also has rooted and sealed eyelashes so they will

This baby
is created for his new family with many translucent layers of Heat Set paint which gives him a truly lifelike appearance. Even his little finger and toe nails have a freshly clipped look. His paint will never chip or fade and he will last a lifetime with TLC. This little boy will be perfectly weighted and his head will need to be supported just like a live newborn baby. I weigh our babies with the very finest glass beads/crystals (purchased right here on ebay) and create all of our little ones with the best materials on the market. No Sand is EVER used in any of the babies here.
You are adopting your own Custom Baby. Your new baby will arrive home smelling like he has been freshly bathed and powdered, in an adorable outfit chosen just for him, a Certificate, Receiving Blanket and more. Preemie paci's work best for this baby.

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