Full Jim Beam 1969 Camaro decanter seal intact No Rsrv

If you are employed by the wingnuts at E-bay that decide which listings to cancel, I BEG you to read the ENTIRE FRIGGIN' LISTING before you make your decision to cancel this listing AGAIN!!!! You will find it is in PERFECT compliance with your policy, which I have copied and pasted for your benefit. If you don't understand ENGLISH please go back to the dumpster you crawled out of before E-bay hired your sorry butt! You, or someone like-minded (read empty headed) caused me to lose the few bids I had on the original listing because you don't know your own policies!

At this point let me extend my sincere apologies to anyone who may be offended. If you are offended, please quit looking at this listing and shop elsew, I don't want to deal with you or your ignorance! Happy Holidays, and may God bless your stupid little hearts!

Now, for the buyers smarter than a jock strap we may continue with the new and improved listing:

Beautiful, never opened decanter full of 100 month old Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey


If you are interested in the full, sealed decanter:

Because this item contains alcohol, bidders must agree to provide a copy or fax of a valid driver's license or birth certificate that matches the bidders account information on E-bay
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