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Wigs By Vanity is excited to introduce the Showgirl collection designed by Vanity Faire & Courtney Act. These wigs have been specifically designed and manufactured to be the ultimate theatrical wig (perfect for drag).

How do you get a wig that looks like the hair is growing out of your scalp?
Get a Lace Front!

Lace front wigs have been used in the theatre and films and by celebrities for years. They feature a very fine lace (like a fine tulle) across the front w each hair is hand-knotted into a natural and realistic hairline. The lace is glued to temples and virtually becomes invisible so the hair looks like it is sprouting from your scalp! No more nasty hard wig lines. Check out our Youtube commercials for some video proof!

Did you know that Nicole Kidman, Beyonce and Tyra , to name a few,
all wear lace-front wigs, just like ours, in everyday life?

Previously lace front wigs were
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