Full Sculpt Triple Crescent Moon Wax Seal Stamp

This is a Full Sculpt Triple Crescent Moon Wax Seal Stamp. It is 1 3/8" diameter. The triple crescent moon is also called the biohazard logo and a sign of age old power and demands attention. The Triple Crescent is also known as a sign of Birth, Life and Death. It is also called the triple moon of the goddess symbolizing the maiden, mother and crone. Also the boy, man and matriarch. Both meanings state the 3 phases of existence and life. It is bound together by the full moon, a never-ending circle embracing all parts of the whole. A very ancient sign of power and meaning. It makes a stunning, raised and detailed wax seal. It is mostly made as a wax seal but can be used with an ink pad too. When using with ink place light cloth or felt under paper for the best impression. Handle is solid pewter and stands apx 4 1/4" tall. Also always remember before sealing wax always lightly oil (olive or cooking oil, water works even better) the stamp. Made in the USA.