Top Drawer series 5001S Stanley Bevel Edge Bench Chisels that have had minimal usage. I know, because I bought them new, used them very little (some, not at all) and now will turn them over to someone that will use them.They range in size from 1/4" to 2". 1/4"-3/8"-1/2"-5/8"-3/4"-1"-1 1/4"-1 1/2"-1 3/4"-2". Ten in all. They are from 10 1/8" to 11 1/8" long. They are high quality Sheffield made. A couple chisels have what appears to be marring on the blade but this is only scratches to the original protective coating. You can remove all of this with Lacquer Thinner. The only real blemish is My Name is engraved on the back of the plastic handle of each.They could be buffed out if desired. (sorry about that) I thought I would be using these chisels on construction sites and you know how tools like these 'walk off ' when not nailed down. Take a look at the full set of Stanley wood Gouges I also have listed. S & H on these chisels will be $8.90. Buy both sets and the S & H will be $8.90 for both chisels and gouges.